Club Management In This Day And Age

Try managing a club in this day and age. And see if you get that right. Try running a nightclub at all hours in the morning and see if you don’t get arrested as well. Well, that would depend where you are located. Because these days, it’s those rules. No large crowds. Quickest way to get the virus to run riot. Running a golf club is quite a different matter altogether. It is still possible. Struggling clubs in this day and age, mind you, might want to dip their hands in their club kitties and invest in a little pro club management.

Struggling clubs. Most of them, you would have been led to believe, are mostly amateur clubs. Yes, that much is true because what do they have to rely on in order to stay afloat. They need club members on their links, those that would regularly pay their dues, and especially those who would usually come and go as guests. Unless a club member is treating them, they would still need to pay their way. And the usual bill of fare would have been to charge them more. Higher rates than the locals.

club management

Because of course, you are treating them like guests, although you do not necessarily need to roll out the red carpet because some of them would still want some time set aside to play a good round of golf every now and then. Every now and then. At best, that would have been at least every other weekend if the patron was that busy. But hardly anyone comes forward these days. Why is this? Was it something that you said? No, not at all. It was COVID-19, one of the worst money grabbers of all time.